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Eat Me Ice Cream – Rochester, NY

Concord grape ice cream, topped with a homemade and torched cinnamon marshmallow sauce, nestled between two homemade, and very special,  graham crackers

Sweet corn ice cream, spread with a black currant jam, on savory jalapeño corn meal cookies

Fresh mint ice cream, covered with a velvety mixture of white chocolate and crunchy wasabi peas, sandwiched between two extraordinary sugar cookies

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Fortune Cookie Factory-Chinatown, San Francisco

I hesitated, wondering if I was truly headed in the right direction.  Following my instructions, I turned down a deserted alley, made more gloomy and lonely by the heavy San Francisco rain and gray January morning.  The alley consisted of back doors and fire escapes and garbage dumpsters and Chinese signs.  I came upon one tiny English sign and smiled – I was in the right place.  The Golden Gate

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